How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive – A Complete Guide

We can understand your fashion worries.  It is not possible to have a wide range of the latest designer outfits which are costly.  But you can use the below tricks.  These work out the magic of making your cheap dresses look really expensive and classy.  Read on to know the tips:

Metal buttons:  In ordinary clothes, remove the ordinary dull-looking plastic buttons.  Instead, fix quality metal buttons with good designs.  These add a royal touch to your ordinary clothes.

Costly accessories:  One simple way to make a dress look rich is to carry good accessories.  You can buy a designer handbag or shoe in neutral color from and carry it with pride even when you wear cheap dresses.  These accessories come at discount prices and upgrade the entire look of a person. 

Adding art:  We all know that dress with artwork comes at a cost.  It involves minute craftsmanship.  But there are hacks to replicate easy forms of art.  Learn them on the internet.  You can add an embroidery patch or fabric paint to create that artistic look.  You can simply trace designs and work on them with simple ribbon embroidery or fabric glitters.

Learn to stitch:  At least if one member of the family knows to stitch, then it is possible to create an expensive looking dress using cheap fabrics.  This works out to be cost-effective.  You can create your own designs and get unique patterns stitched.

Selecting the rich looking fabric:  Certain fabric textures look rick even when they cost cheaper.  Avoid buying dull and cheap looking fabric.  Instead, when the fabric looks rich half the battle is won.  The dress stitched with rich looking fabric is certain to look rich.

Maintain cheap clothes well:  Follow golden rules like no heavy wash in washing machine, wash as per specifications so that color doesn’t fade, or lint doesn’t come.  Wash in mild detergents. 

Perfect fit:  When the clothes perfectly fit, they look rich.




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